Love Skin Nashville

Berry Hill's Signature Wellness Spa

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We offer many services such as massage therapy, skin care, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, microderamabrasion, chemical peels, body wraps, reiki energy healing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara, couples massages & host spa parties!!

We also have a beautiful relaxation room as well as a serene outdoor patio, where we invite you to relax with us for as long as you'd like, while you enjoy your complimentary beverages and a thermal neck wrap or cooling eye mask.

We look forward to pampering you soon. 

Get Party Ready with Dermaplaning Nashville!

Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment for glowing and party-ready skin?  Love Skin Nashville offers Dermaplaning Nashville that will get you the results you want in a relaxing spa environment!  

With so many facial treatment options, it is hard to know which one is right for you!  Dermaplaning Nashville is a great choice if you are looking to remove fine facial hair and create a smooth canvas for makeup.  We don't suggest it if you have an active breakout, since derma planing can aggravate your skin.  

Of course, there is one important question.  What exactly is Dermaplaning Nashville?  Dermaplaning is a facial treatment where an esthetician uses a razor-like tool to gently scrape fine facial hair and dead skin off of your face.  It does not use any active ingredients and can be incorporated into a variety of our facial treatments.

Our favorite way to provide your Dermaplaning Nashville services is with our Dermaplaning Facial.  This complete skincare experience starts with cleansing and ends with dermaplaning and a soothing gel mask.  We also offer just a dermaplaning service that only includes the exfoliating step.

We also love adding Dermaplaning Nashville to our other facial services.  If you are really looking for added exfoliation, it's a good addition to any of our peel alternatives.  The mechanical exfoliation of the dermaplane combined with the chemical exfoliation of the peel results in skin that is resurfaced and refined.  

If you want to look your best this holiday season, then our Dermaplaning Nashville services at Love Skin Nashville are the way to go!  Relax and get results with our Dermaplaning Facial or just hop in for Dermaplaning only!  Call us today to book your next appointment!

Say Goodbye to Your Razor with the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville!

If you are on the hunt for the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville, Love Skin Nashville is the place to go!  Our estheticians provide friendly, quick and skilled waxing services that deliver the results that you want!

We offer a wide variety of facial and body wax but we are known for our great Brazilian waxes.  We offer partial and full Brazilian waxes at competitive prices.  Our Best Brazilian Wax Nashville is truly a deal that can't be beat!

  • Partial Brazilian Wax $45+
  • Full Brazilian Wax $60+

One reason that we can offer the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville is because our estheticians are so skillful.  Angela and KC are licensed estheticians who truly care about making sure your experience is the best it can possibly be.  Whether it is your first time getting a Brazilian or your 20th, they will make sure you are comfortable during your service and pleased with your results after. 

If it is your first time getting a Best Brazilian Wax Nashville and you want your appointment to go as well as possible, here are some good tips to follow.  

  • Shower before your service
  • Do not shave or use hair removal products 2-3 weeks prior to your wax.  Optimal hair length is a 1/4 of an inch
  • Exfoliate 48-72 hours before your appointment
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Do not use any lotions or oils on the skin before being waxed
  • After your appointment avoid excessive heat or excessive sweating for 24 hours

Ingrown hairs after your wax can be a problem, which is why we carry Ingrown Zone products to prevent ingrown hairs.  We suggest using one of these lotions, creams or sprays (we offer all different types) to keep your post-waxed skin as happy as possible!

Unfortunately, we don't offer the Best Brazilian Wax Nashville for men at this time, but check with us because we might in the future!   Call Love Skin Nashville today to book your Brazilian and say goodbye to that razor forever!

Love Skin Nashville, the BEST Skin Care Studio in Nashville!

If you have been looking for the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville, then look no further!  Love Skin Nashville is THE place to go to fix your skin care woes.  Let our skilled estheticians soothe your skin and start you on the path to a bright and beautiful complexion!

One of the best things about Love Skin Nashville is that we offer a wide variety of skin care facials and treatments.  No matter your skin issue, we have a solution to make you feel and look great.  Let me share some of our facials and services that make Spa Haus the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville.

For so many of us, aging can be hard on our skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles combined with sun damage can leave skin tired, sagging and pigmented.  We suggest the Advanced Optimizer Facial to lift and tighten.  This service offered at our Skin Care Studio in Nashville stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and intensify glow.  The addition of peptides, hydrating marine collagen and hyaluronic acid reinforce and lift the skin.  

  • Advanced Optimizer Facial - 60 minutes - $135

No matter your age, acne and breakouts seem to get us all at some point.  Thankfully, because we are the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville we have some incredible options to address breakout and acne-prone skin.  One treatment we love is a peel alternative called the Detox Gel Facial.  This treatment is detoxifying for all skin types and uses salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid.  It is also great for blackhead removal!  Especially when dealing with acne, we suggest multiple treatments combined with appropriate at home care to get results.

  • Detox Gel Facial - 50 minutes - $105

Another skin issue our clients come to us with is pigmentation, either due to sun damage or breakouts.  We either suggest a peel (or peel alternative) or our Essential White Brightening Treatment.  This treatment brightens and unifies your complexion with a 30% glycolic exfoliation.  It is one of our favorite treatments at our Skin Care Studio in Nashville!

  • Essential White - 60 minutes - $110

If you are looking to improve your skin or just want to keep a good thing going, Love Skin Nashville is the best Skin Care Studio in Nashville!  We are passionate about skincare and making sure our clients leave feeling like their best selves!  Call us or book online today!

Get into the Fall Spirit with a Nashville Pumpkin Peel!

This time of year is all about big scarves, apple cider and visits to the pumpkin patch.  Make your skincare routine fall inspired as well with a Nashville Pumpkin Peel at Love Skin Nashville!  

Our Nashville Pumpkin Peel is a product provided by one of our favorite results-oriented skincare lines, PCA.  We carry a full line of PCA products at Love Skin Nashville that you can use at home to continue to get those amazing results!

  • Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask Treatment 35 minute treatment-$80

The purpose of this treatment is to retexturize thick and resilient skin.  By using exfoliating pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid the Nashville Pumpkin Peel will leave you with a healthier and brighter complexion.  This peel also includes antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients that will help detoxify and clarify your skin.  

One way we love to use the Nashville Pumpkin Peel on our clients is to combine it with another one of our treatments.  It's a great upgrade to to most of our skincare treatments, such as our Le Grande Classique or Dermaplaning Facial.  Our estheticians will make sure you get the most out of your pumpkin peel!

Your pumpkin experience doesn't stop in the treatment room, we also offer one of our favorite PCA products that uses pumpkin enzymes.  The Nutrient Toner by PCA is a pumpkin wine-based toner that refines the appearance of pores and gently exfoliates.  This is the perfect product to try at home after your Nashville Pumpkin Peel.  It also smells incredible!

Fall is all about getting cozy and spending time enjoying the outdoors, but make it a time to focus on your skin as well.  The Nashville Pumpkin Peel at Love Skin Nashville is the ideal way to get autumn vibes and look great at the same time!  Call us or book online today to get your pumpkin on!

Ask Santa to Bring You the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!

The Best Lash Lift in Nashville at Love Skin Nashville is on the top of everyone's wish list this year!  Celebrate the holiday season with the best gift of all, natural lashes that curl without mascara.  We all have a pile of mascaras at home that promise to lift and curl, but they all seem to disappoint.  Look no further, the lash lift and tint we offer will solve all of your sad lash problems!

Eyelash extensions are an amazing option for longer lashes, but the Best Lash Lift in Nashville is a great lower-maintenance choice.  It doesn't have the drama of extensions, but it is the perfect way to glam up your natural lashes.  

Basically, a lash lift perms your lashes and then your esthetician tints them to a darker color if needed.  You will have to avoid any eye make up or getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after, but once the 24 hours are up you are good to go!  The Best Lash Lift in Nashville looks great on it's own or with your favorite mascara.  I speak from experience, it is sooo nice not to have to curl your lashes every morning! 

Once your lashes are lifted, the lift will usually last until your lashes begin to naturally shed and grow.  For most people, it is about 5-6 weeks.  Your Best Lash Lift in Nashville will last your through the holidays and into the winter months!  

When you book your Best Lash Lift in Nashville at Love Skin Nashville, it's also a great time to have other services done.  We love to pair facial waxing and tinting with our lash lifts, it's the perfect opportunity to make sure your brows are in shape.  We can also do any of our skin care services before your lash lift and tint.  Make Love Skin Nashville your one-stop shop for holiday beauty, call us today to book an appointment!

We Offer the Best Waxing in Nashville at Love Skin Nashville!

It's been awhile since bathing suit season ended and you have noticed things are looking a little bit...fuzzy.  Or you are channeling Frida Kahlo with some serious eyebrows.  Or maybe you are just tired of being held prisoner by your razor?  No matter what you need, here at Love Skin Nashville deliver the Best Waxing in Nashville services in the area.  Our estheticians can get you smooth and fuzz-free with a minimum of stress and a maximum of skill!

Some of our most popular Waxing in Nashville services are our facial waxing services.  One reason is because they are so quick and easy to schedule!  You can also add facial waxing to all of our lash services and most of our facial services.  Coming in for a lift and tint?  Make sure your brows are looking fabulous as well!  Below are prices for our most popular facial Waxing in Nashville options.

But we don't stop with just the face, we also have a menu of body waxing options to keep you looking and feeling great.  Our estheticians are quick and thorough when it comes to body waxing, making your experience positive every time.  So many people swear by our Waxing in Nashville services, you should definitely join the club!

We didn't forget you guys!  We also offer Waxing in Nashville services for men!

  • Brow Wax $16
  • Upper Chest $45
  • Full Chest $75
  • Upper/Lower Back $35
  • Full Back $60

Love Skin Nashville is THE place to go for your Waxing in Nashville needs.  Call us today or book online to schedule your appointment today!

Brighten and Exfoliate with Nashville Microdermabrasion!

Are you looking for the best way to exfoliate that dull and tired skin? Love Skin Nashville offers Nashville Microdermabrasion to brighten and smooth your skin just in time for holiday fun!  

During your microdermabrasion treatment tiny crystals are sprayed gently to remove the outer layer of skin.  This is followed with a fine mist of 02 molecules, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to soothe and calm your skin.  After your Nashville Microdermabrasion you skin will look softer, smoother and brighter!  This treatment is non-invasive and non-chemical and good for most skin types.  

You will see results after just one treatment with Nashville Microdermabrasion, but for best results we suggest getting a series package and having several treatments.  The great thing about receiving microdermabrasion at Love Skin Nashville is that you can easily combine the service with our many facial options!

We love to combine microdermabrasion with our facials such as the Le Grande Classique and the Advanced Optimizer.  By adding Nashville Microdermabrasion to these treatments you will experience even further exfoliation!  If you are getting facials every 3-4 weeks, then adding on microdermabrasion is an easy decision to make!

We offer a few different ways that you can book a Nashville Microdermabrasion to best suit your needs.  Below is a list of our different prices and options.  Your microdermabrasion session is really the best deal when you can add it to a skincare service!

30-40 minute session - $80

Add chest and neck - $30

Add on with a skin care service - $35

One of the great reasons to get your Nashville Microdermabrasion needs met at Love Skin Nashville is our comfortable and relaxing spa atmosphere.  From our friendly front desk staff to our calming relaxation room, we are the perfect spot to unwind and get away from the world.  We offer wine if you want to live it up or tea if you want to feel cozy.  We also offer a variety of products if you are looking to bring that spa experience home!

Call us today to book an appointment for a session of Nashville Microdermabrasion and start on the path to smoother and brighter skin today!

Yonka Nashville-The Best in Phyto-Aromatic Skincare

Our sense of smell is such a huge part of the spa experience.  Whether it's citrus to invigorate or lavender to relax, it is important to have the best aromatic options for your spa service.  And not only do these scents smell good, they all have benefits for our skin and overall health.  That is why Love Skin Nashville provides Yonka Nashville spa services and products.

We love that Yonka Nashville combines natural botanicals with science to create an amazing spa experience that also delivers results.  Whether you are looking to just relax or address a skin issue, we have the right spa service for you!

Our signature Yonka Nashville facial that we offer is the Le Grande Classique.  This facial centers on Yonka's exclusive deep cleansing regimen that uses the oxygenating atmosphere of Yonka's Quintessence of essential oils.  The 5 essential oils that make up the Quintessence, lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme are key to the Yonka world of skincare.  The Le Grande Classique is the perfect facial for any skin type and offers an incredible spa experience!

If you are looking for a facial that lifts and firms your skin, our Advanced Optimizer facial acts as a "personal trainer" for your skin.  This facial uses Yonka Nashville products and techniques to optimize firmness, reduce wrinkles and intensify that beautiful glow!  This facial is also highly hydrating and strengthens skin.  

We offer other Yonka Nashville facials such as our Hydralessence for an all-encompassing hydrating experience and the Essential White for brightening.  Call Love Skin Nashville today to book your next Yonka facial and experience the perfect balance of science and botanicals!

Experience True Relaxation with the Best Nashville Aromatic Massage!

If you are looking for the best Nashville Aromatic Massage then you have found it at Love Skin Nashville!  Our massage therapist, Juan Lopez, will give you an amazing massage that incorporates aromatherapy to relax and de-stress.

When you are choosing the right Nashville Aromatic Massage for you, it's important to know your options.  Here at Love Skin Nashville, we offer a variety of massage services to make sure you leave feeling amazing.  Whether you are looking to relax, deal with muscle tension issues or manage sports-related aches and pains we have a massage for you!

For those of you looking to relax, the Nashville Aromatic Massage that's best for you is our Swedish Massage.  Available in 30, 60, or 90 minute options, this is a great massage to reduce stress and increase relaxation.  

Our Deep Tissue Massage is a good option if you are dealing with tight and aching muscles.  The addition of aromatherapy to this Nashville Aromatic Massage will just be an extra layer of relaxation!

For those athletic types, our Sports Massage is the best Nashville Aromatic Massage for you.  This massage focuses on deep layers of muscle and is perfect for athletes in need of a deep massage.  

We also offer Warm Stone Massage and Prenatal Massage, both amazing ways to relax and work out those sore muscles. 

Now that you know all of our massage options, how about we add some aromatherapy?  For an additional $15 Juan can utilize aromatherapy lotion in your massage.  You can choose from lavender, geranium, rosemary, jasmine, rose, sandalwood & pine.  For an additional $11 he can also add an aromatherapy scalp massage!

Take some time for yourself and come to Love Skin Nashville for the Best Nashville Aromatic Massage!

Get Ready for the Holidays with the Best Facial Nashville

I can't believe it either, but it is time to start getting ready for the holiday season.  Whether your holidays are spent chilling at home or going out on the town, Love Skin Nashville has the Best Facial Nashville to get your skin ready to shine! 

We have so many people contact us who are overwhelmed with our menu of skin care options.  I will go ahead and provide you a little info to help you choose the Best Facial Nashville that is right for you!

If you are experiencing breakouts or have acne-prone skin, the Best Facial Nashville would be a Detox or Purify Facial.  Our Detox Facial is a peel alternative that exfoliates and purifies your complexion.  Our Purify Facial is a breakout treatment designed to regulate sebum secretions and clarify the complexion.  Either facial is a great way to start a routine that leads to clearer skin!

For those of us experiencing dry or dull skin during this seasonal change, we have a few facials that will get your skin plump and glowing.  Your Best Facial Nashville would be our Hydralessence Facial, a multi-step facial that includes 2 hydrating masks, seaweed and fruit extracts and a gentle peel designed to clarify and hydrate.  It's an amazing way to get party-ready!

If you spend too much time looking at the lines on your face, your Best Facial Nashville would be our Advanced Optimizer Facial.  This lifting and firming treatment stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes.  The Advanced Optimizer reduces wrinkles and fine lines and enhances your glow.

And if you just got lucky and your skin is fine, we still have awesome ways for you to relax and look your best.  Our Le Grande Classique facial is our signature facial that deep cleans, tones, exfoliates and hydrates.  You will get the perfect spa experience while receiving the Best Facial Nashville for your skin.

Come in today to get your skin in great shape and treat yourself!

It's Smooth Sailing with Dermaplaning Nashville!

I don't know about you, but something about the change in season leaves my skin feeling dull and rough. Luckily, the latest trend in facials (and one of our most popular) is our Dermaplaning Nashville Facial at Love Skin Nashville!  Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that leaves you with glowing and immediate results.  You can book just dermaplaning, a dermaplaning facial, or have it added on to any of our facial services. 

If it's new to you, let me explain what what "dermaplaning" means.  Basically, our licensed and Dermaplaning Nashville certified estheticians use a tool to scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells.  An added benefit is that it also removes peach fuzz, or vellus hair, from your skin.  You are left with a smoother and brighter complexion!

There are so many exfoliating options, you might wonder if Dermaplaning Nashville is right for you.  Dermaplaning gives you immediate results, so it is a good option before an event or any time you want to look extra special.  The removal of vellus hair also means that makeup applies more smoothly, so it's an amazing option if you are having makeup professionally done.  

We offer a variety of ways to incorporate Dermaplaning Nashville into your skincare routine.  You can book just a dermaplaning session with us here at Love Skin Nashville.  However, we suggest going for the Dermaplaning facial that includes cleansing, toning, extractions and massage.  It's totally worth it for the results and the spa experience.  You can also add dermaplaning to any of our facials, we love combining it with the La Grande Classique, our signature facial!  Below are our prices for dermaplaning services.

A Love Skin Nashville Dermaplaning Nashville experience is just what you need to get gorgeous skin for holiday festivities!  Call us or book online today to get glowing!

Get Cozy with a Body Wrap Nashville!

It might be cozy sweater weather but we can still be a little concerned about what is under all of those layers.  The Body Wrap Nashville services we offer at Love Skin Nashville are the perfect way to keep that body looking good!  We offer two Body Wrap Nashville services, the Slim and Smooth Wrap and the Seaweed Body Wrap.  Keep reading for the deets on both of these treatments!

Our M'Lis Slim and Smooth Body Wrap Nashville is super popular for anyone about to go to an event or who just wants to cap off the end of a great dieting regimen.  It is a holistic approach to body contouring cellulite loss that uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins from the system.  The results can be up to 14 inches of permanent inch loss while improving health and circulation.  The wrap also contours the soft areas of the body.  We do suggest drinking LOTS of water before and after this Body Wrap Nashville! 

  • M'Lis Slim and Smooth Body Wrap 90 minute service-$90

Our seasonal Body Wrap Nashville that we are featuring is the Seaweed Body Wrap!  It is a relaxing body wrap that contains Sea Kelp for metabolic stimulation, hydration and detoxification.  It also contains Rose Hip Oil rejuvenate, nourish and heal the skin. 

  • Seaweed Body Wrap 60 minute service-$85
  • Add a Seaweed Leg wrap to any facial-$35

If you are a newbie to body treatments, it's good to know what to wear!  For your Body Wrap Nashville we do offer disposable bikini bottoms and bras (one size fits all).  You can also wear older underwear or a bathing suit to your service, whatever makes you comfortable!  Also, we don't have showers on-site so your body treatment will be removed with warm towels.

If you want to improve the skin you are in, the Body Wrap Nashville is the way to go!  Whether you relax with the Seaweed Body Wrap or get results with the Slim and Smooth, we will make sure your body treatment is worth it!  And before or after your body treatment you can chill in our relaxation room to make it a spa day worth remembering! 


Flutter those Peepers with the Best Eyelash Extension Nashville

It's that time of year when flushed cheeks and bright eyes are all the rage.  When you are bundled up in a sweater trying to fight the cold, all the attention is on your gorgeous eyes.  The best way to focus on those peepers is with an Eyelash Extension Nashville at Love Skin Nashville!

For those of you who haven't experienced an Eyelash Extension Nashville, let me break it down for you.  You have bought all of the lengthening and thickening mascaras out there, but nothing seems to give you that glamorous look.  Well the lash technicians here at Love Skin Nashville can set you up with the lashes of your dreams!  We offer two types of lash extensions, Classic and Volume.

First, let's talk about Classic Lash Extensions.  These are the best choice if you are looking for something natural or just looking to bump up your everyday eye.  Classic extensions are applied on a one-to-one ration, 1 extension for each of your natural lashes.  This Eyelash Extension Nashville technique gives you natural and beautiful lashes.

But say you are looking for something slightly more glamorous, then Volume lashes are the best option for you.  Instead of 1 extension per eyelash, your lash technician creates small fans of lashes that are the appropriate length for your eye.  The results from the Volume Eyelash Extension Nashville will give you that celebrity look that everyone loves.  Eyelash Extension Nashville

Our Eyelash Extension Nashville Menu:

Basically, Love Skin Nashville is THE place to come for your Eyelash Extension Nashville needs.  Whether you are a natural Classic or a fancy Volume, we can make sure you leave feeling amazing!  Call us or book online to make your lash dreams come true!

Experience the Charm of the best Berry Hill Day Spa!

We all know about the shopping and dining in the Berry Hill area, but did you know that tucked away in this charming neighborhood is the best Berry Hill Day SpaLove Skin Nashville is THE spot to care for all of your skin, lash, waxing and massage needs.  It's a one-stop shop that will leave you feeling and looking amazing! 

Love Skin Nashville is known for many of its services, but we have so many clients come in for our incredible skin care.  At our Berry Hill Day Spa we have facials and treatments to handle every kind of skin issue.  Schedule a Dermaplaning Facial for that immediate glow the day before a big event!  Whether you are dealing with acne or the occasional breakout, the Detox or Purify Facial will get your skin back on track!  Fall temps got your skin feeling dry and dull?  Our Hydralessence Facial is the perfect botanical facial to leave your skin plump and dewy!  And if you don't know what your skin needs, schedule a consultation with one of our skilled estheticians to create the best plan for your skin!

You all know Berry Hill isn't just Baja Burrito right?  At Love Skin Nashville we offer something that might be better than their pineapple salsa...lash extensions!  Our Berry Hill Day Spa offers Classic and Volume lash extensions for all lash looks from natural to glam.  And after you get your full set, it is so easy to schedule your fills with our friendly staff or through our website.  We also offer a Lash Lift and Tint for those of you who are looking for a little oomph for your lashes.  Either way, the team at Love Skin Nashville is ready to set your lashes fluttering!

I know it's been a stressful day and you need to unwind.  The best way to do that is with a massage with Juan Lopez, our incredible massage therapist.  Your Berry Hill Day Spa experience wouldn't be complete without a Deep Tissue massage with Juan.  You can book a 60-minute massage, but many of our clients treat themselves to a 90-minute massage.  And for an extra calming session, add an aromatherapy scalp massage to get out all of that tension.

So your skin is glowing, your lashes are on point and your muscles feel like spaghetti, what's next?  Your day at Love Skin Nashville, THE Berry Hill Day Spa, isn't over without a quick waxing session to make sure you are totally taken care of.   We offer facial waxing and body waxing to make sure you feel confident under all of those winter layers. 

I've heard there are other parts of Nashville that are great, like the Gulch or 12 South, but for my money Berry Hill is the place to be.  The people are great, the food is awesome and a spa day at Love Skin Nashville is the perfect way to treat yourself!  Our Berry Hill Day Spa is as warm and welcoming as a big plate of fried chicken from Monell's, call us today to schedule an appointment!

Smooth It Out with a Body Wax Nashville at Love Skin Nashville!

Swimsuit season might be over, but that doesn't mean your waxing habits need to stop.  And if you have spent the summer shaving, now is the best time to start getting your wax on!  Our Body Wax Nashville services at Love Skin Nashville will have you feeling great even under all of those layers!  We offer a wide variety of Body Wax Nashville services that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Two of our most popular Body Wax Nashville services are our Bikini Wax and Brazilian.  And sorry guys, we don't offer men's Brazilians yet, but we will make sure to let you know when we do!  Angela and KC do a great job taking care of those personal bits while making you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Our Bikini Wax starts at $35, our Partial Brazilian starts at $45 and our full Brazilian starts at $60.  If you haven't had any of those services done before, don't be worried, we will do everything we can to make your experience as stress-free as possible! 

We don't just offer intimate waxing, we have all of your other body parts covered too!  Our Body Wax Nashville services include all of the options below

  • Fingers or toes $12
  • Underarm wax $18
  • Arms half/full $30/$50
  • Legs half/full $40/$70+
  • Entire body (without face) $190

We offer an entire menu for Men's Body Wax Nashville as well

  • Eyebrow wax $16
  • Nose wax $12
  • Upper chest $45+
  • Full chest $75+
  • Upper/lower back $35+
  • Full back $60+

So come by Love Skin Nashville, relax with a glass of wine and get your wax on!

Look Bright-Eyed with the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!

I know the struggle, every day you try to coax your lashes into curling with expensive mascaras and tools.  Only to see them fall flat by your 10:00 meeting!  Well those mornings of frustration are over, Love Skin Nashville has the Best Lash Lift in Nashville!  But maybe you still have some questions?  What exactly is a lash lift?  Is it like extensions?  Will it irritate my eyes?  Don't worry, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville is safe, easy and gives you a great results! 

First, let me explain what entails a lash lift here at Love Skin Nashville.  A lash lift is similar to that perm you begged your mom for back in 1993, but a whole lot cuter.  Your lashes are gently wrapped around a flexible plastic rod and a setting and lifting lotion are both applied.  Your lashes are then washed and if you would like to have them tinted (and who doesn't want that?) your esthetician then applies the tint.  A few minutes later and you are out the door with the Best Lash Lift in Nashville

I've also got some quick info about how a lash lift differs from lash extensions.  First, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville will curl your lashes and might make them look longer, but it doesn't provide the length you get from lash extensions.  For 24 hours after your lash lift, you shouldn't put on eye makeup or get your lashes wet, but after those 24 hours are up you are good to go.  Your lash lift should last 6-8 weeks based on how quickly your lashes shed and grow.  Lash extensions need to be filled every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking great.  Basically, a lash lift is a low-maintenance way to make your lashes look curled and tinted.  It doesn't deliver the glamour of extensions, but it is a great alternative for those not ready to make that commitment.

Another common question about our lash lift is "Will it irritate my eyes?"  I can say from experience that while it is kind of weird keeping your eyes closed during your entire service, my eyes felt just fine.  We suggest that if you are a contact lens wearer you should remove them before your service, but that's simply for your comfort.  Basically, the Best Lash Lift in Nashville shouldn't cause you any discomfort and actually, some people fall asleep during their service.

So tomorrow morning when you are fighting your lashes AGAIN, call us at 615-686-8433 or book online for our life-changing Best Lash Lift in Nashville!!

Take a Break with a Nashville Swedish Massage

Are you looking for the best Nashville Swedish Massage?  Well at Love Skin Nashville we have you covered!  Our massage therapist, Juan Lopez, is a Licensed Massage Therapist who can provide an amazing massage that is both relaxing and effectively reduces muscle tension.  The five different types of strokes used in Swedish massage are not only soothing, but have great health benefits.

For those massage newbies, the Nashville Swedish Massage is a great massage to start your journey into relaxation.  We have quite a few clients who have never experienced a massage, but the friendly atmosphere here at Love Skin Nashville will put anyone at ease!  Juan is also great if you have questions about what your massage entails or if you have certain areas that you need to have worked on.  Our goal is to make you comfortable and make sure you leave feeling amazing!

If you are looking to give a gift card, a Nashville Swedish Massage is the perfect choice!  A Love Skin Nashville gift card is the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.  You can choose any amount to apply to the gift card, but $70 will cover an hour-long Nashville Swedish Massage that is sure to ease any holiday related stress.  And if the recipient isn't interested in a massage, they can apply that amount to any of our facial, waxing or lash services.

Sometimes it is so hard to prioritize relaxing and taking care of yourself, but we can help!  For busy schedules, a 30-minute Nashville Swedish Massage is your best choice.  The 30-minute massage can be just the thing to help you get through the week or get ready for a fun weekend.  Combine it with our 30-minute Escale Beaute facial for a real hour of relaxation.  We can provide that Spa Day vibe on your lunch break!

If the Nashville Swedish Massage just isn't enough, we also offer other types of massage.  For those with tight and aching muscles, a Deep Tissue massage is the way to go.  If you are on athlete or just like to throw around the pigskin, a Sports massage can target those deep layers of muscle.  A Warm Stone massage can melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism.  For pregnant ladies out of their first trimester, the Prenatal massage is the best option.  And all of these are provided by Juan, our incredible massage therapist! 

It's that time of the year for a PCA Peel Nashville!!

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are spicing and sweaters are getting cozy, it's the perfect time of the year for a PCA Peel Nashville!  At Love Skin Nashville, our estheticians love suggesting peels when the weather gets colder.  Because there can be a 9 to 11 day cell turnover time after your peel, they are best to get when you won't be outside in the sun.  And because peels can cause a little skin flaking, they are nice to get when you can curl up at home in front of some Netflix.  

There is a type of PCA Peel Nashville for all types of skin!  A peel can improve your skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and dark spots.  If you have sensitive skin, there is a PCA Peel Nashville out there for you!  Your esthetician can suggest the best peel for you based on your skin type.  Peels are nothing to be afraid of, many people won't even see any skin peeling after their service.  Your skin is exfoliating at a cellular level, so physical peeling doesn't mean that it's not doing your job to provide more even and brighter skin!

But just like a cute scarf, you can't have just one PCA Peel Nashville.  You will see the best results if you do a peel every month or alternate it with another one of our facials.  When you come in for your first peel, you and your esthetician can work out a schedule that works best for you and gives you the results you want!

A PCA Peel Nashville gives you amazing results, but you have to baby your skin post-peel.  We make that easy with our post-peel kit that you receive complimentary after every PCA Peel Nashville!  This post-procedure solution contains 5 products that will make sure that your skin is happy after your peel! 

  • Your Post-Procedure kit contains:
    • Facial wash to gently cleanse and leave your skin hydrated, soothed and balanced
    • Clinicalm 1% to relieve redness, itching and inflammation you may experience post-peel
    • Perfecting Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to protect your skin when you are out in the sun
    • ReBalance moisturizer to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.  This is one of our most popular moisturizers!
    • Silkcoat Balm to rejuvenate and protect dry or mature skin.  We love this moisturizer for colder winter months!

A PCA Peel Nashville at Love Skin Nashville is an awesome way to jump-start your holiday season!  Before and after your peel, rest in our soothing relaxation room with a foot soak and a glass of wine.  Take a break before the hectic holiday season filled with parties and fun (and a little bit of stress).  Your PCA Peel Nashville will rejuvenate your skin, but let our amazing spa atmosphere rejuvenate your soul!

Spa Guide for Brides At Love Skin Nashville

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Skincare might not be one of the first items on the to-do list, but there’s no doubt we all want to put our best skin forward on the big day surrounded by our closest loved ones. There is no better way to ensure your skins fabulousness than result-driven professional skincare products at Love Skin Spa. Estheticians are a brides best friend and Love Skin goes above and beyond to make sure every spa experience is tranquility at its finest. Get ready for your wedding day with Love Skin Nashville. And hey, maybe you’re not the only one who needs take a load off, invite your loved one’s friends, fam and fiancé too!

Manage wedding stress with routine massage leading up to your wedding day. Massage therapy works wonders for the mind and body. Juan is Love Skin Spa’s licensed massage therapist and Juan is the BEST. Start with a quick aromatic Scalp Massage one time and maybe a 60 minute Deep Tissue the next. Release deep muscle tension and feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your to do lists. Closer to your wedding day, try a nice Warm Stone massage for ultimate relaxation and a metabolic boost!

Facials are also a must for brides. Dermaplaning Facial, Back Facial and Botanical Facials are great skincare treatments for brides. Love Skin also offers a Mens Facial perfect for the groom and/or groomsmen! If you are looking to control dark spots and brighten your complexion, the Essential White treatment is what you should ask about. For skin lifting and firming, asked about the Advaned Optimizer treatment which is basically like a personal trainer for your skin!

Get your wedding waxing at Love Skin Spa. You definitely want to feel and look your best for all the wedding festivities and activities. Wax is more nourishing, leaves skin feeling smoother for longer and takes just about as much time as shaving anyway so skip the razors and hit up Love Skin’s affordable rates.

Have you considered a body wrap? Take a break from running around and detox with one of Love Skin’s body treatments. It is a great way to get rid of stored toxins, diminish the look of cellulite, boost the metabolism and provide slimming effects. Come wearing a bathing suit or undergarments (most common option) & bring a change of garments if you have a big day planned just in case!

Last but not least, lashes. Beautiful lashes can change your face and make your eyes brighter. Just imagine waking up every morning looking fresh and put together! Love Skin’s Volume Eyelash Extensions are great for daily wear or for a special event… like a wedding day! Eyelash extensions are individually placed on each antural lash by a licensed esthetician and certified lash artist. Love Skin uses only top of the line lashes and adhesive for optimal style. If eyelash extensions aren’t your thing, check out the Eyelash Lift & Tint. It gives your lovely natural lashes a boost and the tint acts like a semi-permanent mascara for 6 weeks!

Pamper yourself at Love Skin Spa before your wedding day. Book online now, call 615-686-8433 to get set up or email questions to 

Keep Skin Hydrated This Fall At Love Skin Nashville

There’s no doubt about it. The cooler weather decided to stick around in Nashville. Your skin is exposed and hydration is important now more than ever, especially if you’re participating in activities like cheering on the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Preds or going on other al fresco adventures like hiking or the Bacon and Beer Classic at Nissan Stadium next weekend! The cooler, Fall temps suck the moisture out of your skin. There's no need to fret, avoid dry, dull skin at Love Skin Spa. 

Hydralessence is a hydration treatment at Love Skin Spa. It’s the best facial treatment for rough and dull skin or skin being marked by fine lines. If you aren’t liking the way your skin has been looking lately, it might be because it’s screaming for moisture! Your skin is drying out. Hydralessence is perfect for this time of year. It is a high performing treatment and will quickly help restore your skins suppleness and softness.

Your skin will be softened by seaweed and fruit extracts in the Hydralessence facial. This relaxing facial includes two refreshing masks, massage and aromatherapy. Repairing and hydrating Yon-ka skincare products are used alongside the professional touch for an irreplaceable and relaxing experience. To hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously, Love Skin applies a soft gel peel with citrus extracts to your hands too. It’s bliss! Check out Love Skin reviews on Yelp.

Are you ready to renew and hydrate your dehydrated skin? Book online now, call 615-686-8433 to get set up or email questions to