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Berry Hill's Signature Wellness Spa

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We offer many services such as massage therapy, skin care, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, microderamabrasion, chemical peels, body wraps, reiki energy healing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara, couples massages & host spa parties!!

We also have a beautiful relaxation room as well as a serene outdoor patio, where we invite you to relax with us for as long as you'd like, while you enjoy your complimentary beverages and a thermal neck wrap or cooling eye mask.

We look forward to pampering you soon. 

Facial Nashville - Where you should go for the best treatment!

If you are looking a facial in Nashville, look no further. We use PCA Skin Care & Yonka Skin Care, both highly reputable and results oriented skin care lines. Our Estheticians are highly knowledgeable and trained in Facial Nashville and can give you the skin you've always wanted!

We offer skin care, facials, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and radio frequency for the skin.

We specialize in all types of skin care from Anti Aging Facial Nashville, Acne Facial Nashville, Firming Facial Nashville, Brightening Facial Nashville & more!

Located in Berry Hill we give the best Facial Nashville and you will leave with glowing & radient skin.


Nashville Spa - Love Skin Nashville

If you are looking for the best Nashville Spa, look no further. Here at Love Skin Nashville we deliver quality services at affordable prices. Come in this Nashville Spa and relax with a glass of wine, alkaline water, thermal neck wrap and/or a cooling eye mask. What more can a woman (or man) need?!

We offer Massage Therapy, Skin Care, Peels, Exfoliation, Body Treatments, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts and so much more! This Nashville Spa is where you will get a one of a kind experience from a staff that cares about you. We always say, each client is our family. We are the Love Skin Nashville family and we look out for the best options for each of our family members.

Are you part of the Love Skin Nashville family yet? If not, call us at 615-686-8433 to book an appointment, or take your time browsing our Nashville Spa website and learn about our services in detail to see what treatment is best for you!

We look forward to pampering you soon!

Love Skin Nashville: A Nashville Day Spa

I usually spend my time blogging about skin care tips, aromatherapy, mood boosters, diy face masks, etc. But today I wanted to focus on our business, Love Skin Nashville. We are a beautiful Nashville day spa located in the heart of Berry Hill, just a couple miles from downtown Nashville. What sets Love Skin Nashville apart from other Nashville day spas is the fact that we are affordable! It is very rare to find a Nashville day spa that offers quality affordable massages, but we do! We also have complimentary wine, tea, flavored water, thermal neck wraps, cooling eye masks & more!

As you enter our Nashville day spa, our Spa Coordinator will great you and show you into the relaxation room while you wait for your service. In our reception room we have many local Nashville spa goods, such as Little Seed Farms, Glo Organics & Further Foods Essential Oils, all locally based Nashville, TN products! We also carry MONQ personal diffusers, Plantlife, and two incredible skin care lines, Yon-ka & PCA Skin. 

After your treatment, we invite you to continue to relax with us in one of our designated relaxation rooms. All of our services are very affordable and you still get the spa feel. We can't wait till you come & relax with us at Love Skin Nashville!

Father's Day Nashville 2017

June 18th is Father's Day and we have the perfect gifts to give your father the relaxation he needs! Whether its a gift card for a Men's Intensive Facial, a Deep Tissue Massage with Juan, or a gift card, Love Skin Nashville has you covered!

*Fathers will receive a complimentary glass of wine or whiskey & a thermal neck wrap as they relax prior to there service. Stop in today or call us at (615) 686-8433 to book your Father a day to unwind and de-stress!

Gift Cards are available Here!


Nashville CMA FEST

It is CMA FEST WEEK in NASHVILLE and Love Skin Nashville has your Waxing and Lash needs covered! Are you ready to take on Nashville this week?! 

Nashville Lashes

Full Sets:  Classic ~ $230  Volume ~ $295

Fills: Classic ~ $70+  Volume ~ $105+

Lash Lift & Tint ~ $85


Nashville Waxing

Eyebrow: $16/$21

Body Waxing: $35 + 

Bikini: $35

Brazilian: $60 (Partial $45)

Take on Nashville this week looking your Nashville best! Love Skin Nashville is here to provide professional, affordable services for our amazing Nashville Clients :) 



There is a lot going on this week in Nashville!! We have the Nashville Predators In the Stanley Cup Finals.. GO PREDS!! We also are hosting the annual CMA Fan Fest this week. We Nashvillian's have a lot on our plate this week and we need to make sure we are keeping our skin clean, fresh and healthy! We have to be ready for an endless week of selfies with country artists, the Stanley cup and the fabulous people we meet along the way! Here are a few tips to keep your skin fresh this week in Nashville:

Wash Your Face

When washing of the day or night be sure to double cleanse if you have on make up. The first cleanse takes off your make up and dirt and the second helps cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin. Don't want to wash your face at the end of a long day? The Yon-Ka Eau Micellaire cleansing water is the answer! You can cleanse your face anywhere will this water less cleanser. 


Be sure to use sunscreen while outside this week in the Nashville sun. We have several sunscreen options including a brush on powder, Brush On Block, that you can continue to apply and it travels beautifully. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE. You should be wearing sunscreen daily. We offer several sunscreens that have a weightless feel unlike your typical beach sunscreen.


Wear them. duh.

Sunglasses are not only a fashin accesory they help prevent squinting which will eventually lead to crows feet. ( We have your attention now) sunglasses can also protect the skin around the eyes.  Be sure to look for large, wide rimmed sunglasses that have UV protection. 100% UVA/UVB protection is ideal for all of you spending many hours in the Nashville summer sun. 



Nashville Oily Skin Mositurizer

Wear moisturizer…even if you are oily!

If you have super oily skin in Nashville, you might think that you don’t need to wear a moisturizer…but this couldn’t be further from the truth! One reason skin can be excessively oily is if it is lacking hydration…and since our skin can’t create it’s own hydration, it causes our oil glands  to over compensate.


The best solution is to use a water-rich humectant (PCA Skin Hydrating Serum or PCA Skin Hyrulanic Acid) and a light-weight, non-greasy lotion (PCA Clearskin or PCA ReBalance) to restore the skin and calm those oil glands :)

At Love Skin Nashville we carry several prodcuts that will help you restore and maitain a balcmed, glowing omoplexion year round. Call to book your complimentary consultaion today!

Melasma: The Pregnancy Mask Nashville

 Many women in Nashville experience melasma, especially while pregnant and it is often thought of as a pregnancy side effect. However, there are many other factors that can trigger melasma...

Common triggers for melasma are:

Genetics: Those with melasma are genetically predisposed. 

Hormones: Pregnancy, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, and natural hormone fluctuations can darken pigmentation. It is important to pay special attention to what active ingredients you are using on your skin when you are pregnant. Some may be contraindicated.

Sun exposure: So crucial to avoid sun exposure as much as possible (make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses) and always wear a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide/titanium dioxide) everyday. And re-apply every 2-3 hours (I suggest having baby wipes on hand to wipe the skin down then re-apply so that the skin doesn’t get too “gunky” during the day.)

Heat: You will want to avoid saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, hot yoga, and no steam during a facial treatment. Also, just know that any laser or light treatment that gives off heat will be triggering. It might not appear that way at first, but it is going to bring the pigmentation back with a vengeance and make it 10 times hard to fade. This Nashville summer heat is something to beware of. If you have or are susceptible to melasma , stay cool this summer avoid being outside when possible.

Friction: You will want to avoid scrubs, polishes, microdermabrasion facials, Clarisonic brushes or other skin brushes.  See your esthetician for the best masks, cleansers, and products for YOUR individual skin care needs. 

 Do your best to eliminate any of the melasma triggers above.To some of you that list may be overwhelming and include several activities and/or treatments you are not wanting to give up.  Starting a lightening skin care system and monthly skin care treatments can help make sure you are successful at fading it! If you have any questions about melasma care and treatment in Nashville this summer, don't hesitate to call!

A combination of professional treatment and active ingredient home care will provide the best results.  Here at Love Skin Nashville we offer several products and treatments to help target and treat melasma .  Call us today at (615) 686-8433 or email to book your consultation and get started on taking back your skin!


PCA Intensive Brightening Retinol

PCA Pigment Gel HQ

Yonka Essential White Duo


PCA Peel Series

Yonka Essential White Facial Series  

Nashville Skin Care : Expired Make-Up & Product

'Tis The Season!

The start of a nee season in Nashville is a great time to purge your bathroom and make up bag of expired skin care and make up. This is important to make sure your skin care's active ingredients are still working ( ESPECIALLY YOUR SPF) and your make up will have developed possible bacteria over time that may cause breakouts and irritation.  So what is the best method for skin care and make up use? Don't fret Nashville, we have made you a list to live by from this day forward!

  • Skin Care Products: 2 years
  • Make-Up Powders: 2 years
  • Sunscreen: 1 year
  • Liquid Cream/ Foundation: 1 year
  • Lipstick/Liner: 1 year
  • Mascara/ Eyeliner: 3 months

And lastly but and possible most important, WASH YOUR BRUSHES WEEKLY!! This is many times a major factor in those with unwarranted breakouts.


These sites include more information on the importance of seasonal purging and cleaning out your make up bag!


Nashville Summer Facial




The Nashville summer sun can be harsh on your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected this summer season in Nashville is a must. Yon-Ka's  Hydralessence facial is the perfect way to restore hydration to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long in Nashville!


Facial Inlcudes:

  • An aromatic compress,

  • A warm mist with 5 essential oils*

  • Vegetable exfoliation

  • A hydrating mask with vapor bath

  • Elimination of blackheads,

  • Relaxing massage for face, neck and neckline

  • A double hydrating mask for the face and neck

  • Hand treatment

  • A fresh aromatic awakening


  • Restored, long-lasting hydration
  • smooth, supple skin
  • healthy, radiant glow

When your skin starts to feel tight, dry or irritated after sun exposure, The Hydralessence facial is the best and most beneficial treatment to restore the hydration to skin quickly and with proper nutrients your skin desires.

Remember to use sunscreen with an SPF 30+ when planning on being in the Nashville summer sun for an extended period of time to protect your face. 

National Wine Day - Nashville

Raise your glass, Nashville! Its national Wine day and a glass of red wine is said to have anti aging properties that give our skin a radiant, youthful appearance. Now, we have nothing against white wine but the source of the anti aging properties are in the skins & seeds which are only used in the making of red wine. 

What are these anti aging properties?

The ingredients that are beneficial for skin in red wine are polyphenols, specifically resveratrol.  Resveratrol protects against free radicals, which are a big contributor to fine lines and wrinkles.

The best way to get the benefits of these properties is to find a topical product with grape seed oil as in active ingredient. So that your skin receives the benfits direclty.

However, a glass or two of red wine wont hurt just remember that beyong the 1-2 glass consumption the dehydrating effects of the alcohol will cancel out any benefit.



Nashville Seasonal Facial

The Nashville Seasonal Facial

Most people wait to get a facial until there is a problem rather than taking the steps o prevent it. A seasonal facial will help eliminate the problems from occurring in the first place and prep your skin for the upcoming season. This is a luxurious yet affordable way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy & radiant year round.

3 Reasons Seasonal Facials Are Essential To Healthy Skin

1. A Deep Cleanse
One of the reasons is the level of deep cleaning that only a professional spa can provide. Similar to seeing a dentist for regular deep cleanings for your teeth, we recommend seeing an esthetician for a deep cleaning for your pores and skin cells. Estheticians are trained to treat all skin types and can recommend the best solutions for problems.
2. Extractions
  Attempting to extract pimples on your own can lead to  bigger problems such as infection and scarring due to improper technique and dirty finger nails. Your esthetician has the necessary tools and expertise on how to safely extract blemishes without damaging the skin. By receiving seasonal facials and extractions, you  will notice a significant  reduction in problems areas. If you have oily or acne prone skin, you may want to consider getting a Purify Facial or Simply Extractions every 4-6 weeks.
3. Cellular Renewal
It takes about 30 days for the cells in your face to move up to the surface of your skin, die and slough off. A professional exfoliation will rid the skin of those dead skin cells and give the skin a more toned and youthful glow. Seasonal facials will stimulate cell renewal and leave  your skin looking soft & radiant!  Adding on an enzyme or LED Light Therapy are great additions to any facial and help boost cellular renewal. 

We proudly offer two amazing skin care lines that allow you to maintain your skin care regimen between facial treatments. Visit our website or call us today at (615) 686- 8433 to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation! 

We look forward to pampering you while helping you achieve and maintain your skin care needs

<3 LSN Staff

The Best Body Waxing In Nashville

Keep calm and wax on, Nashville.

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We are a spa that truly cares about your skin & body needs and will work with you to help you achieve the results you are searching for. 

The Best Nashville  Wax

At Love Skin Nashville we go above and beyond to ensure that your Nashville waxing experience is nothing short of the best! Our experienced Nashville wax therapists will walk you through the process to ensure the best Nashville wax. We maintain a clean, bright and efficient Nashville spa to provide the highest level of service to our Nashville guests. 


What to expect:

  • Please shower before your appointment (in a pinch, wet wipes are a lifesaver!).
  • Hair must be a quarter of an inch for body waxing (about 10-14 days of growth) to adhere correctly to the wax.
  • Resist the urge to shave between sessions.  ( Shaving actually can create sharper, courser hair)
  • Gently exfoliate the night before or take a warm bath to prep the skin before your wax.  Having a warm bath or shower before your wax can soften your skin allowing for easier hair removal.  We also recommend gentle exfoliation the night before as this removes dead skin build up around and in the follicle again aiding in easier and more thorough removal.  

Relax. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can. Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual event.  Don’t listen to friends who tell you their waxing horror stories. They don’t come to us! This is your  Nashville wax experience and we want it to be the best possible!!

Know that it gets better.  We get that first timer Nashville body wax clients don’t know what to expect. The best advice is to accept that the first one will be the most uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been shaving prior to it. However, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing you’ve ever done. Most of the time, people leave Love Skin Nashville pleasantly relieved that the wax wasn’t nearly as bad as they anticipated.  Every Nashville body wax gets easier, especially when your hair starts growing in finer and we weaken the hair follicle :)

  • Medicate if you must. if you’re concerned about the potential for pain, take a couple of advil 20 minutes before your Nashville body wax appointment. This may help take the edge off.
  • Remember, it will be over before you know it. Being fuzz-free is so worth a few minutes of discomfort!

Book your Best Nashville Body Wax experience today!

Call us at (615) 686- 8433 or book online   

Nashville Body Wrap

Slim & Smooth Body Contour

The M’LIS Body Contour Wrap at Love Skin Nashville is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring and cellulite loss. The M’LIS wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level while plastic wrap uses acupressure to push those  toxins through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of up to 14 inches, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.

Slim & Smooth Body Contour $90


Why do you need a body wrap?

This treatment really does deliver results!

It remove dead skin cells from your body and hydrates.

Increases blood flow to fight tiredness all over your body.

Marine algae drains toxins out of your body.

Designed to combat cellulite and stretch marks, and gives and overall look of toned beautiful skin.

Look and feel your best this summer in Nashville! Schedule your Nashville body wrap today and start your journey to a happier, healthier you!

Wednesday Wisdom: Is Nashville humidity in addition to my workouts causing breakouts?

This Nashville humidity in addition to my workouts are causing breakouts! Is it sweat that is causing my acne?

The short answer is no, the sweat is not the cause of your acne.

Have you ever noticed getting acne wherever your skin is constantly rubbed on, like wearing a hat or helmet, or playing the violin? This kind of breakout is called acne mechanica.

Acne mechanica is acne that is caused by skin friction, heat, pressure on the skin, or when skin isn’t exposed to the air. Sweaty, constantly rubbed skin can quickly break out in a bothersome rash that’s really acne.

The most common causes of acne mechanica include wearing:

  • A helmet with a chin strap
  • A tightly fitting hat for a long time
  • Any equipment or gear that requires using straps, such as a backpack
  • A musical instrument pushed against the skin for long periods (like a violin)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Tight, synthetic headbands
  • Tightly fitting clothing or bras

Treatment and Prevention for Acne Mechanica

You want to treat acne mechanica the same as any other acne – using the right products for the type of acne that you get – and, most importantly, using those products in the right way.  Preventing this acne from forming in the first place can keep it at bay.  Because this type of acne has clear causes, you can try to prevent acne mechanica by:

  • Taking a shower promptly after exercising or sweating — making sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Carry Au Micellair in your bag to cleanse your face on the go.
  • Not wearing a hat, helmet, or headband for long periods of time.
  • If you do have to wear a helmet, try putting some petrolatum jelly on the areas that rub
  • Putting on a T-shirt — make sure it’s made of absorbent cotton and is clean — beneath a uniform to help soak up sweat and minimize skin friction.
  • Not wearing clothes that are too tight.

Be sure you're using the right products to stay clear. Our estheticians at Love Skin Nashville can help you use the products to keep you clear!

Skin Tip Tuesday: Pigmentation

If you are suffering from pigmentation on your body in Nashville, such as your underarms or even bikini area, think twice about home remedies like using a lemon wedge to lighten! This can be cause extreme sensitivities and could possibly even darken the pigment. 

Here at Love Skin Nashville we carry the PCA Skin Pigment Bar. A Cleanser that has 3 gentle acids: kojic, azelaic and tannic which control breakouts and diminish hyperpigmentation while cleansing the skin of dirt and debris. Aloe vera, witch hazel and rosewood extracts calm inflammation for a beautiful glow.

Worried about wasting product on the full body? The formulation of the bar makes it last a long time and makes it perfect for the shower!

If you're struggling with pigmentation in Nashville, come in and see us and let us show you the light! 

SPF In Your Make Up: Is It Enough?

It is probably a safe assumption that most of us use makeup with an SPF in it.  However, most of us don’t apply sunscreen under make up as well. According to the PCA Skin website:

 – 70% of women don’t wear sunscreen every day, many of them assuming that the SPF in their makeup protects them from sun damage. 

This is not the case and especially in Nashville, it is not just a summer essential but a year round skin care must. Making sure that you are using the correct SPF based on your environment and daily activities is the best anti-aging product. Sun damage is the number one cause of visible aging – wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. 

Don't get us wrong, the  SPF in your makeup will provide some coverage, you just don’t apply enough to get the full benefits. Just make sure that you are using a make up that has a broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks the harmful uv rays that penatrate deep into the skin.

"Sunscreen should be the final step in your daily care regimen after cleansing, toning and using any corrective serums or creams. You can follow up with your makeup, including the products that contain the additional SPF."  - PCA Skin Website

For more tips and info visit:

PCA Skin

American Skin Cancer Society

American Academy Of Dermatology

Nashville Skin Care : How To Use Facial Serum

Why Exactly Do I Need a Facial Serum?

We all know the basics of Nashville skin care. We need to cleanse the skin to remove make up, oil, dirt, and environmental impurities. We need to moisturize to keep water balance in the skin. We need to protect with SPF from harmful Nashville UV rays. So what exactly are facial serums for?

Depending on your specific Nashville skin care needs, we use facial serums to deliver concentrated active ingredient into your skin. Nashville facial serums are composed of very small molecules so they can penetrate deep into the skin for maximum results. Nashville facial serums can address a wide range of Nashville skin care needs such as:

  • Fine lines/Wrinkles
  • Redness
  • Pigmentation
  • Hydration
  • Acne spot treating
  • Pore size

Once you have a base line of Nashville skin care that is perfect for your skin type, that is a great time to introduce a Nashville facial serum in order to feed the skin with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. In the best Nashville skin care regimen it is best to remember to cleanse, correct, hydrate, and protect! Wondering which Nashville facial serum will benefit your skin? We can help during a thorough consultation before your treatment. Come in and see us soon at Love Skin Nashville!  

Nashville Mother's Day Ideas

Moms deserves a morning or afternoon to herself this year full of relaxation and pampering!

Gift mom with day at Love Skin Nashville where its all about her for an hour ( or four)!  We offer a variety of skin care and body treatments from facials to massage to a calming detox foot soak. Visit our services menu or select a pre-made package designed to provide the ultimate experience to mom. I you would like to customize her special day, call our spa coordinator at (615) 686-8433 for guided assistance in planning her mothers day experience here at Love Skin Nashville!


Nashville Summer 2017: Hydrate!

Nashville can get very hot during the summer season. This 2017 summer season looks to be especially hot as we start the season. One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy an hydrated during the summer is to drink LOTS of water!!  The standard amount daily is about 8 cups of water per day or 64 Oz. However, during the summer and especially in a Nashville summer, you should be doubling that intake, when spending the days outside in the sun and heat. The best friends you can give your skin this summer are water and SPF!

Enjoy the Nashville summer & look your best doing it! Come see us for all of your skin care and beauty needs!

<3 Love Skin Nashville