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Nashville Skin Care: Milia

What is Milia?

  • A milium is a small, raised bump on the skin. It is a type of tiny skin cyst filled with a protein called keratin.
  • Many are usually found together and so they are called milia (the plural of milium).
  • As can be seen in the picture, milia are usually each about 1 or 2 millimetres across and are pearly-white or yellowish.
  • They are most often seen on the skin around the cheeks, nose, eyes and eyelids, forehead and chest but they can occur anywhere on the body

3 common types of Milia:

  • Neonatal Milia. These are milia that are seen in young babies soon after they are born. They are very common and are usually found around the nose area but may also occur on the scalp, cheeks, upper body and inside the mouth. They are thought to arise from sweat glands that aren't fully developed or mature. Around half of all babies develop neonatal milia. In fact, because they are so common, they are actually considered as normal in newborn babies.
  • Primary Milia. These are milia that can occur in both children and adults.
  • Secondary Milia. These are milia that develop in an area of skin, anywhere on the body, that has previously been damaged or injured.  The milia develop as the skin heals and it is thought that damage to the sweat glands may be an underlying cause. Secondary milia also sometimes develop after certain skin creams have been used - for example, corticosteroid skin creams.


Milia are harmless and, in most cases, they will eventually clear by themselves.  However, in some people, milia can persist for months or sometimes longer. Secondary milia are sometimes permanent. Since they normally clear by themselves, milia do not usually need any treatment. However, some people find milia unsightly and so opt for treatment. It is NOT recommended to squeeze or try to treat milia yourself. This can lead to skin damage and scarring or infection.

We recommend the following treatments rather than having milia extracted, though in some cases that is an option.

  • Mild exfoliation
  • Regular facials 
  • Yonka Phyto Contour
  • Microdermabrasion

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