Love Skin Nashville

Berry Hill's Signature Wellness Spa

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We offer many services such as massage therapy, skin care, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, microderamabrasion, chemical peels, body wraps, reiki energy healing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara, couples massages & host spa parties!!

We also have a beautiful relaxation room as well as a serene outdoor patio, where we invite you to relax with us for as long as you'd like, while you enjoy your complimentary beverages and a thermal neck wrap or cooling eye mask.

We look forward to pampering you soon. 

Wednesday Wisdom: The French Philosophy

There is no denying there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" about French women. We often find ourselves wondering what is it they do differently that keeps them looking so beautiful? After a bit of research to find out skin care à la French Philosophie, here is what we found!


French women do not see skin care as "pampering". The French women simply see skin care as a necessary part of life. One must choose a routine that works and makes you beautiful and then stick to it! French women's secrets say we must eat great (and enjoy) food, drink a little bit of red wine, take cold showers, try effortlessly tousled hair, or a bold red lip. But what exactly is in their skin care routine?


Au Micellar. Waterless cleanser is incredibly popular for Parisian women. Not only does it act as a make up remover but it doubles as a cleanser. You may have your doubts about cleansing sans water but give it a try, and you'll still get that squeaky clean, fresh face. With less time to cleanse and a dewy glow without feeling tight, Au Micellar is a no brainer addition to your night time routine (especially on those lazy nights)!


Gommage. French women rely on their once a week gommage (even from head to toe!). Gommage is the French word that simply means "erase". When you place the hydrating exfoliant on your face and start to rub it away, you literally see the dead skin rolling away with the mask! Unlike harsh or abrasive exfoliant products, this is an remarkable way to reveal your beautiful skin and shed the old without stripping your skin.


French women are captivating, and known for their grace and style as they age. Tonight we'll be using our Yon-Ka Micellar and Gommage 303 as we raise a glass in a toast to staying très chic forever!