Love Skin Nashville

Berry Hill's Signature Wellness Spa

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We offer many services such as massage therapy, skin care, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, microderamabrasion, chemical peels, body wraps, reiki energy healing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara, couples massages & host spa parties!!

We also have a beautiful relaxation room as well as a serene outdoor patio, where we invite you to relax with us for as long as you'd like, while you enjoy your complimentary beverages and a thermal neck wrap or cooling eye mask.

We look forward to pampering you soon. 

Why Does the Sound of Running Water Relax Us?

Come experience it for yourself in our relaxation room! 

Ever been by the ocean side, or a babbling brook and fallen asleep to the sound of waves crashing and water streaming by? Many people even swear by these sounds to assist them in falling asleep. But why is it that water has this relaxing effect on people? 


This is because our brains interpret all sounds we hear as either a threat or non-threat. The sound of running water is something our brain recognizes as a non-threat, or something that can be easily ignored. Unlike alarm clocks or beeping phones which shock your brain awake by producing loud noises which break a silence and reach peak loudness almost instantly, water can lull the sounds of these so called threats. Humans are naturally hard-wired to respond to noises that come out of nowhere because they can mean very terrible news. We all knew the benefits that water has on your skin as well as your energy levels, but who knew it had such an impact on your stress levels! 


Come in to LOVE Skin Nashville and enjoy some time in our relaxation room to experience this phenomena for yourself!