Love Skin Nashville

Berry Hill's Signature Wellness Spa

LOVE Skin Nashville is a beautiful Wellness Spa located in the city of Berry Hill in Nashville, TN. We offer many services such as massage therapy, skin care, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, microderamabrasion, chemical peels, body wraps, reiki energy healing, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent mascara, couples massages & host spa parties!!

We also have a beautiful relaxation room as well as a serene outdoor patio, where we invite you to relax with us for as long as you'd like, while you enjoy your complimentary beverages and a thermal neck wrap or cooling eye mask.

We look forward to pampering you soon. 

Why You Need Facials

I keep seeing articles around the internet on "how to do a facial at home," this can be a great way to take care of your skin on a budget....however, there's a reason Estheticians exist. Having a daily skin care regimen at home is so important, and sure, buying a cheap mask at Target and giving yourself a mini facial at home is always relaxing, but why should you pay the extra bucks to get a professional facial? Well here's why:

1. Facials actually clear your pores. A professional treatment will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you simply can't at home. Using steam, warm towels, professional products and a precise removal of blackheads, this is all stuff you can try to do at home, but just isn't the same. 

2. You can't pop your zits the same way we can.  If you have zits, chances are you try to pop them yourself. However, every time you pinch & squeeze at a pimple, you are risking the spread of bacteria under the skin, which results in more acne as well as scaring and dark marks. That doesn't sound fun, does it? You will end up spending twice the amount of money to fix your mistakes. So leave it to the professional to pop those zits for you in a hygienic way. 

3. It's better than google or a beauty counter. Ever find yourself googling skin care tips, or asking a girl at the makeup counter? Having a licensed & professional Esthetician look at your skin makes all the difference. She is able to give you personalized skin recommendations that will address your specific concerns. 

4. There are some things you can't just DIY. You will never have the correct products at home that give you the same effect as going into a spa. We have cool things like microdermabrasion machines, light therapy and medical grade products. 

5. You will feel better physically and mentally. Going to a spa is the best way to take care of not only your skin, but it feeds your soul. With your thermal neck wrap, glass of hot tea and a beautiful relaxation room, you are able to de-stress. On top of that, you get to ask all the questions you'd like or completely relax while you enjoy one of the best feelings ever. A face massage!

If you are ready to take the step towards a beautiful complexion and have a professional facial at a spa in Nashville. We are the spa for you!! Either visit us in person at 2817 Bransford Ave, Nashville TN 37203, or visit us online at to book your appointment today!

Just remember...going to the spa is not spoiling yourself, it's taking care of yourself.